The Only Frat I Know: Happy 103


What comes with dedicating more than a third of your life to a pledge made? There are no trophies, those ended when the sands cooled. There are no new teachings thrown on you, they must be sought out, and retained on your own time. What then? 

Being a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi’s Southern Province Chapter, Gamma Theta (said that way to put certain ideas in your head about my teachings, upbringing, and mentality), I’ve learned that what we put into this fraternity is exactly what will come out on the other end. My elders, specifically Spring 1990, Spring 1998, Spring 1999, Fall 2G, Spring 2k1 and Spring 2k2, put in the time, and the work, and the passion, so I did, too. What came out of the fraternity for me, at least for the past 11 years, was enough memories to get me from homecoming to homecoming, enough brothers to get me from continent to continent without ever looking up hotel prices or worrying about missing a meal, and bonds that have been tested by time, distance, women and foolishness, but remain in tact, unbothered. 

The Noble Klan and I have grown up like friends who’ve chosen different colleges. Directions changed, and we keep in touch every so often, but there is no love lost, and if called to fight, I will, but the reasons have to be a little more just than they were when the frat was 90-something, when all it took was a demeaning look from across the yard. I’ve become the bruh who comes back with all the knowledge, ready to give it to any of the young ones who ask. The bruh who still believes strongly in the histories and traditions of the fraternity, simultaneously understanding the urgent need for change. I’m dealing with the gray area. I continue to stress exclusivity over most things, and although I believe strongly that money is coming between my philosophies and The Frat’s, I pay dues on time, and encourage others to do the same. We’re growing. 

Kappa Alpha Psi is the only frat I know. My shimmy is old, and my translation of “Achievement in every field of human endeavor” seems different from what’s currently being taught, but I am a Nupe no matter how it’s translated, or how far from the inception the word has traveled. That will never change. This year, I’ll work a little harder and see what comes out in 104. 

Happy 103, Frat. 

Darnell Lamont Walker – Fall 2k2 – Ship: N. II D.E.E.P. – Deuce Klub – Tail – S.P.E.R.M.

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