Clever Bastard’s Sockless Summer

Clever Bastard’s Sockless Summer is about letting go, exploration, crushing the boxes, breaking through the ceilings, and laughing as much as possible.

How to participate:

1. No socks allowed unless absolutely necessary.

2. If given the opportunity to travel to a new place, try a new dish, meet a new friend, open your brain, or learn a new skill or talent, take it!

3. Try something outside of your comfort zone at least twice a week.

4. Make at least one new friend a week.

5. Take a real, guided tour of your city. If there are no organized tours, find someone who knows more than you and get them to create a tour. When you learn the sites, give someone a tour.

6. That thing you’ve always wanted to learn, find someone who will teach you for free, or for really cheap.

7. Buy a journal, stat a blog, or write on toilet paper if you must, but critically reflect on how Sockless Summer is going for you.

8. Play in the rain at least once.

9. Volunteer someplace at least once a month.

10. Do something extremely fun and exciting with a group of friends and prohibit anything that will allow communication with the outside world.

11. Have fun!

And be sure to hashtag #SocklessSummer when you need to.

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