I Feel Lucky


I don’t know how to feel. The last few days have been so fast, and I’m sitting on my dad’s couch in Charlottesville, VA sharing my favorite new videos with someone millions of miles away and feeling some type of way about something, and I can’t pinpoint that “something.” 

I just left Kim’s, laughing at long-toothed folks, and talking about my immediate need for food and ran into Marquis while walking down Main Street and had a couple of shots and a beer that led into a conversation about religion, politics (the reason we voted for Obama in ’08), and the importance of getting the hell out of the only place you know, even if for just a second. 

It’s my grandma Rene’s birthday. She died 3 years ago, and we decided to celebrate her today. Beautiful event I almost missed because I’m growing tired of the obstacles I often run into when trying to get from A to B. I left New York last night by car, and left DC this morning by bus, and walked from there. A few hundred miles, a couple hours of sleep, the same songs on repeat, and I finally ran into my family. Those people who know you well because they changed your nasty diapers, took you to parties even though they hated you for being the younger, quirky cousin, and those who you grow with, and show up for when new babies need to be greeted into this world. 

I feel good, I do. I feel sleepy, and I feel lucky. Yeah, I guess that’s the best way to say that: lucky. Thank you all for making me lucky. 


6 thoughts on “I Feel Lucky

  1. I enjoyed this. It left me with fond memories of my own grandmother who died many years ago. Sometimes reaching back to yesterday to remember a deceased loved one can be such an empowering experience. Thank you for sharing your grandmother with us.

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