Update: Cyber Harassment & Online Abuse


In the last few days I’ve learned how many people actually fall victim to online abuse. Many who are left with wrecked nerves, trust issues, thoughts of suicide, etc. It’s quite sad. And most of the time, there’s no reason for it. And eventually, because you’re usually dealing with it on your own, it becomes stressful and tiring to pursue these abusers; at least in my case. I was seconds away from just giving up completely and moving on with my life, allowing the messages to continue.

Then I think of Megen Meier and Tyler Clementi who gave up completely and took a different route. They killed themselves because there were unable to handle the pressures, stress, foolishness. Like I always say, “if I weren’t built for this, I’d be dead by now.”

And I have a kid in school in this age of technology and he could easily be one of the 13 million being bullied or cyber-bullied this year. You raise them properly but foolishness will still happen. And because of that kid, and the millions I’ve never met, I have to keep going.

The other day, I posted an entry here about my situation. I talked about how I’ve been collecting all the information, tweets, emails, and things. I extended my hand to the abuser offering to leave everything where it is instead of pursuing the situation further, but was again ridiculed and no apology was given to me or those others bothered by it. What did come from it, however, were messages from others sharing their experiences with online abusers, and they were incredible. Some who never found their abuser, others who did and prosecuted, and some who even forgave. Then came the outreach from organizations and individuals that work with people who are being cyber-bullied to track down their abusers and help with prosecution and the like. The police department I’m now working with (because LAPD told me I’d have to be killed to report a crime).

It’s certainly stressful and nerve wrecking, and makes me question everything. But I can’t stop. Because perhaps it’s happened to others.

Special thanks to: W.H.O.A. (Working to Halt Online Abuse); Those Special Friends in High Places; Google; HideMyAss.Com; The Attorney of my Dreams; S.K. who’s seen God; Officer Greene; and my brother Nick, the tech GOD.

Note To Others: Don’t give in. Don’t quit. See it through to the end. Even if you’re going to lose, fight until you truly can’t anymore. There are organizations that will help, and people that will help. I will do what I can to assist. You’re not alone in it.

So the Update: I’m still fighting, and will see it through to the end.



5 thoughts on “Update: Cyber Harassment & Online Abuse

  1. I had an experience with online bullying and slander in 2009. It affected me deeply. It was a watershed moment. It changed the way I behaved online from that moment forward. That “little” incident took me an entire year to get over. More on that later. I am glad you are doing what you need to do. Just calling attention to this is valuable.

  2. Yo bruh we squashed this. We told you we done & we apologize twice. You didn’t get the mail. Yo nig told you how it played. you back with the Orlando bag lady that sold you out & you go back in your word. We got them emails we apologized.

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