I’ve spent the last several days thinking about distractions, and figuring out how to make this post happen without offending anyone. Then I thought about the truth setting people free, but first pissing them off.

Recently, I spent days with one of my brothers who spent his days, literally all day, on the phone. Foolish and funny conversations keep him from thinking about his inability to make rent, find decent employment, or get over a comfortable life he once knew. It’s really no different from those who drown themselves in the lives of others to keep from attempting to survive in their own.

Distractions have taken our leaders, our breaking news investigative reporters, and those with real talent and made them celebrity bloggers, Instagram wizards and those who “used to sing.” I’m developing the theory that celebrities must keep the work distracted to keep their competition down. While some girl or boy is writing and talking about Rihanna all day, it makes less time for that girl or boy to go after their own dream of reaching those heights.

Turn off the TV. Sit quiet for a while. Thanks to Pura (said sarcastically with no love lost toward her, because I think she’s wonderful), I cancelled my 10 day silent mediation retreat, but I was ready to get back to the world; to reconnect. To sit quiet for 10 days to see what sits in my subconscious, the dark side of the moon, and to handle that. Of course I was a tad bit anxious, because there a few things I will go out of my way to keep from surfacing. Those things that pop into my mind, and suddenly I want to throw a gathering at my spot because it’s easier to plan those than it is to sit alone and deal with unknown bullshit.

But I’m older and when I’m 45, I don’t want to think youth is wasted on the young, so I’m facing everything on the dark side, getting rid of my distractions slowly, or at least minimizing them, because I know once that happens, things become so much greater. I suppose that’s what really happened to me this summer. Perhaps all that time in Charlottesville wasn’t on accident, but my subconscious saying “sit here, and deal with this shit, and watch what you can get done.” And I’m better for it.

Yeah. That’s it. Sockless Summer is almost over. Moving on to Distraction-Less Autumn (Also what will be known as Foodie Fall).

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  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Impressive thoughts and observations! Nice work! Muck love and naked hugs! 🙂

  2. Indigo M. says:

    A good read. I’m alway curious about other peoples experiences with silence…

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