Evolution Had To Happen, Didn’t It?


We were just kids, weren’t we? It’s easy to admit now that we’re back in this place where we became men and women. Where we discovered who we were away from those who made every attempt at telling us who we were. Kids who made millions of mistakes but only learned hundreds of lessons. Just kids.

Now we’re adults with kids who come back and laugh and pray our kids won’t do half the things we did, but secretly wishing they’ll try. We all experimented. We rolled joints in ZigZags at the park and played Blueprint. We crushed on the pretty girls and hit up the ugly girls on Myspace because we were sure they’d come over and get naked. We occupied stoops and watched a half-decent kid get murdered in the street. We come back to remember these things.

She’s married now, and her kids are adorable, and though you’ll never cross the line, you tiptoe very close to the edge because she’s still as gorgeous as she was when she was single in a band uniform with no makeup, and her hair pulled back.

Just kids who paid no attention to evolution because the future wasn’t really coming toward us, and we weren’t moving toward it. All that existed were those moments, counting stars, watching the clouds, and eating wings with friends we thought we’d always remember. How quickly we forgot when they didn’t return the next semester.

It’s not until we look at the pictures we snapped and developed at Kmart that we realize we’re old now. We hate the way those future-less children dress and we hate the music they listen to. They’re smoking weed in the park, on the same bench, and we wonder what their dreams are. Biggie was dead before they were born, and their decision to attend an HBCU had nothing to do with Whitley and Dwayne’s wedding, or Kappa Lambda Nu.

The kids we were hate the adults many of us have become, but this is the weekend to try to reconcile those relationships. To show those kids we can still get down. We can still grab a girl’s arm at the party like the boys in Miami do, and she’ll still smile with a mouth full of jewels if we’re lucky.

Evolution had to happen, didn’t it?

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  1. tip says:

    Reading that transported me back to the time when all that mattered was Bethune grill and fourlokos at Checkers, getting off campus to skip mandatory wed chapel, and day dreaming on the Quad about the fine guy who was sleeping with everyone. Before bills and grad school, before last name changes and new baby arrivals. Just the future in the distance and the present in my face. You nailed it on the head !!

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