They Have To Kill My Brother, Don’t They?

He has to to be killed. He must be killed during a routine traffic stop to make them understand. There are no photos of him in a durag and loose clothes, and no videos of him drinking beer in college, and no women who’ll…

8:34pm – 9:34pm : The Verdict

6 minutes left. 6 minutes until. Until. One minute until. Until. 8:01. Those who’ve watched executions, men tied to tables, giving up on pride, must have known such Monday nights.

Finished Baldwin. Coming Home.

I sat on a terrace in Marrakech, Morocco drinking a lemon milkshake thinking how ignorant it’d be to say “life is a struggle” at that moment. Life is good. Life is this amazing thing I’ve shaped, fashioned, and attempted to capture through so many lenses…

People Are Good At Heart.

I travel often and share plates with others who do the same. I host many gatherings, and I talk to strangers daily. I believe people are good. The problem with growing up in a community that doesn’t trust easily is the shifty side-eyeing and constant questioning will stunt growth.

Are You Coming? Dating A Traveler Like Me.

I’ve reached that age where my peers are getting pregnant on purpose, and married because of real love. We’ve put an end to remaining in bullshit relationships because we think love should sometimes be a struggle…

A Legitimate Fear.

I fear that one day I’ll die, and if the creek don’t rise, I’ll be walking my way to Heaven or some strange earth-like version of an afterlife, and I’ll sit and talk with God, and he’ll sneeze. Shit, what am I supposed to say?