The Politicians. Selma. Blood Sunday.


Today, political figures stood at the mic and spoke out about the injustices still plaguing Selma, and much of the American South and its diaspora. They demanded a change in the judicial and economic systems because they understand just how much suffering is happening under them both. On the 50th anniversary of Blood Sunday, politicians proved their selflessness, and demanded change for the folks many thought were forgotten. And all those who watched, those who were able to reach out and touch those political figures, and those who sat in front of their TV, smiles, clapped, and celebrated the amazing moment in history.

Except those politicians didn’t do that. They used the microphone, and those people staring, tweeting, updating, and snapping, to plaster their brand and add inches to the legs of their political seats. And the people were excited, not knowing what happened.

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  1. sfcalvinaz says:

    “And the people were excited, not knowing what happened.” Indeed sir……indeed.

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