Perfected Oppression

The thing about oppression is this: when you hold someone down, you, too, have to be there to make sure they don’t move.

Here’s the twist: a few years ago, my fraternity brother and I were called “Nigger” by a truck full of white boys in Charlottesville, Va. who fit the Jeff Foxworthy “redneck” stereotype. Quickly, we reminded them they weren’t part of the “Great White Plan” either. Their status in society wasn’t that high either, but definitely higher. See, they get to wake up with at least a bit of privilege, whereas, we’re screwed.

But I’m sitting here now realizing these rednecks’ roles in society. The System, while oppressing US, doesn’t have to stay down with us. They they their minions to do it, making them believe they’re a part of The System too.


5 thoughts on “Perfected Oppression

  1. The oppressors (who look and sound like me unfortunately) are quite adept at using minions, surrogates and proxy’s to do their bidding. Much to my shame.

    • Calvin, don’t ever feel any personal shame for the actions of others. Everybody has to look in their own mirror for their own choices and actions. Those vile people about whom you speak that look like you have to answer for their own selves. Don’t feel the shame they shoul be feeling. Be proud you don’t view things as they do.

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