Do We Stand With Rachel Dolezal?

SO LET’S GET SERIOUS FOR A MOMENT (after such an amazing laugh):

I’m trying to sort through the foolishness in my head, considering what every thought means. Then this thought came:

We have this woman who’s been working hard to Advance people of color, specifically Black folks. A woman who’s fought hard and has a pretty amazing record to prove it. Hell, the NAACP stands with her in their released statement.

Is she crazy? We’re not too sure yet. Is she deadass Wrong? Yes.

But let’s assume that like the rest of the country, the powers that be in Spokane were tired of her attempts to help Black folks advance, and certainly tired of her crusades for immigrant reform, and they needed SOMETHING to bring her down before she got too big, and before the 1.9% Black folk in town became too independent. THIS was their SOMETHING.

Should we stand with her? Do the ends justify the means?

2 thoughts on “Do We Stand With Rachel Dolezal?

  1. First, why now? Was she being outted? Why come clean now?

    Second, she created an elaborate lie. I believe she could have made great advances for race relations there had she done all that good work for the NAACP as a white woman.

    Lastly, no. Why hide? If her goal is to help the black community, do it as yourself. Her deceit lessens the value of her actions.

  2. I wrote a blog about this & you always have valid points. Yet, comfortable or not in her skin don’t fake the funk. She is another white person who can say we are ignorant because we didn’t realize she was not one of us. Plus she gets to rant about what she did for us.

    I’m sure she did it because she knows how annoying it is to many of us that there are so many whites in the NAACP. I saw a person ask other blacks where is their NAACP card. You don’t need a NAACP to empower your own people.

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