What It May Mean To Support Caitlyn & Not Rachel

There are people who are no comfortable with the body they’re in. We can all agree with that. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, however, when those uncomfortable people make the necessary changes to sit comfortably. Bruce Jenner told the world he was a woman deep down, and was ready to make the necessary changes to prove it. Well, he said something like that. Then Caitlyn appeared in Vanity Fair, and the applause grew, the awards came, and we’ve all moved on by now.

Looking over my little evidence, I’d say Rachel didn’t feel comfortable in her whiteness. Her parents sold her out, that means something. But in that discomfort, she found where she feels she belongs, and where she was accepted until recently. Perhaps finally comfortable in her tanned skin, shea butter coating, and “natural” hair. Perhaps as comfortable as Bruce felt in heels, a dress, bra, and panties. If Rachel speaks out as Bruce (now Caitlyn) did, and says she’s always been a Black woman, what then?

The roots and histories and hand-me-down amazing DNA aren’t there, I know. But I know Black folk who are as removed from Blackness as David Duke. In obtaining this level of Blackness, did she have to relinquish her privilege? Questions, man!

Transracial has been thrown around the internet so much in the last 24 hours. Is this a case? What is your argument for supporting Caitlyn and not supporting Rachel?

Not supporting Rachel may mean you don’t truly believe people are uncomfortable in the skin they’re in. Perhaps people aren’t born in the wrong body. If you’re Blackm it could also mean you hold your Blackness so very close to you, that giving it away so easy is a utterly ridiculous. Not everyone can walk into your mother’s house and pull up a seat at the table. They have to earn the right to be there, and sometimes “earning it” may be as simple as being born.

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