Rachel Dolezal, Lil Wayne, and Lucky Charms: Me @ 5:14am.

It was 5:14am, I’d just brushed my teeth, and there I was wondering why I decided to break my “don’t argue with idiots” rule and engaged in a pointless conversation with an internet troglodyte about Rachel Dolezal, blackness, whiteness, guilt, lies, and hair care products. Thanks to Ms. Carla Lester at Bethune-Cookman University, I’m now able to listen effectively, and in this conversation, I heard nothing but regurgitated tweets and status updates from those who only read the news when published on Worldstar or MadameNoire.

Then I thought about most of my facebook friends who had strong views on the unfolding events; views in the shape of nooses and hooks, ready to string poor Rachel up by the neck or achilles tendons. I opened my phone’s note app, and jotted what I’d need need to send out when the people were awake:

“If Rachel Dolezal has done more for Black folks, equality, reform, and human rights than you have, even in her lies, you cannot join this conversation.”

I excused myself from the conversation, poured a bowl of Lucky Charms, and was suddenly upset that Black folk still listen to and love Lil Wayne.

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