Lady Killers. Racists. Their Wives. Black Women: For Germoña

Screen shot 2015-07-28 at 1.25.08 AM
When did they stop killing Black women in public? Some grand turn of events. Suffrage movement perhaps, or maybe the racists are starting to read bell hooks or Warsan Shire and deciding that, after all, Black women are ladies just like the racists’ mothers are ladies, and when they were punished by the racists’ fathers, it was always done behind closed doors.

I’ll assume, because most of you aren’t from the sticks, you’ve never seen a hog slaughtered, and there’s no need to look it up. It’s just important to me that you understand it’s more humane than the slaughtering of Black men. What would it mean if they killed us where the cameras couldn’t see. What if their compassion and empathy made them think of the Black man’s mother who’ll wish for her own death 100 times before the funeral, and every day after?

Back to the women.

And while the racists’ racist wives complained publicly about their husbands not being honest, like Erykah Badu in the trap, they understood what their husbands did with these Black pieces of property helped pay the bills. Now no one wants to talk. Sandra remains another body these racists won’t claim. And to thank, the curators at Monticello will tell you Thomas Jefferson loved all his children equally.

A lady, she said, wears white in the summer
and smiles
and is polite
and holds her tongue in and her hand out to be shaken
A lady, she said, will lay there until it is over, and it will be over fast, and will say nothing
What happens behind closed doors, she said, is for nobody to know
You, Black woman, she said, are a lady now

These racists are, and not by Merriam-Webster’s definition, lady-killers.

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