We Had So Much

There were more than enough laughs
Free shots
Toasts to lives we built on purpose
More than enough stars
and food
There were the girls who came to let loose their hairs
More than enough bobby pins keeping them up
More than enough tonic to make my tequila loveable
Men who came for the women
Too much ice
and lime
We had so many reasons to be glad
but you didn’t come and that was all I really wanted

2 Train to Wall St. : The Girl In Red Lipstick

I forget how easy it is to fall in love on a train in New York City
Over and over but unable to be together
The pain of watching a beggar make us laugh but she can’t make us speak
Undoubtedly some nigga in Flatbush is waiting for you
To help ease your above 116th St. mind

I Built It Just For You: A Place To Stay

He is a long walk to a place you need to visit because the life I offered gave you anxiety and emergency room bracelets and laughs and moons over Santa Fe and sunsets on the other side of the world and mercurial dreams
When you walk back
If you walk back
I’ll offer you water to replenish and a lap for your feet and a place to stay
We’ll offer everything but apologies