I Stopped By To Thank Mary


“You are who Mary had in mind,” she said. “You came back to serve.” The tears I had to fight back while speaking to my sophomore year journalism professor were large and strong, but I won. Immediately, I knew making Bethune-Cookman University, my alma mater, the first place to screen Seeking Asylum, was the perfect idea.

The idea that I’m one of those students who fulfilled some dream or some hope was not something that crossed my mind. This was supposed to be nothing more than me coming home. The people will always tell you who you are and what you’ve done. Thanks, people.

The chapel was full of students who came in to pass time, some who came for extra credit, and some with a genuine interest in the topic. Almost immediately, the slouching, texting, and eye rolls stopped and everyone watched, waiting to see where the documentary would head. And to my surprise, there were many raised hands after, many great reviews, many photos taken, and several seeds planted.

Thank you Raquel! You’re too amazing to be all human. Thank you Stacey! You know my love for you grows constantly! And to everyone at Cookman who raised me just a little more than when I came, thank you!

Today was beautiful. I went by Mary McLeod Bethune’s grave to pay homage, then remembered all the insane moments I had on the campus.

One thought on “I Stopped By To Thank Mary

  1. Look at the joy on your face. I hope those Bethune-Cookman students who came just to pass time or just to get extra-credit can see it too, that it might inspire them to be better — to remain steadfast with pursuing their dreams too. Awesomeness!

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