An Attempt At Creating Greatness! I Cook, Too.

I was in Lima, Peru recently and stopped by a place called La Panchita to add Guinea Pig to my life of bizarre foods. It’s no secret I’m coming after Andrew Zimmern’s job. Sadly, they had run out, but they did have baby goat sweetbreads on the menu. No, sweetbreads aren’t like the hawaiian rolls you pick up at Walmart. Sweetbreads are the pancreas and thymus of an animal.

OMG! The greatest meal I’ve ever had! I followed it up with a cow’s heart, sweet corn, and potatoes.

Yesterday, I wanted sweetbreads badly. I’m in Los Angeles, though, and I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, and what I did find wasn’t open. So I took a trek to Super King Market on the east side, and took a stroll through their meat section.

Goat Kidneys!

I’m a pretty decent cook, so why not. By the way, I’ve never had goat kidneys, but I do have a 6th sense in knowing what tastes great together. Picked the seasonings, the wine, and the bread, and headed for the kitchen.

What a freaking success! They were so good. Not as good as the sweetbreads, but a close second.

Here are the photos:

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  1. You and I live exactly the same lives bro! 🙂 love ya lots! Brandi hill!

    Please excuse brevity, spelling and punctuation. This message was sent from my iPhone.


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