On Friendship & Good Energy


I had a prison pen pal once. A brother I used to trade revolutionary books back and forth with. He gave me my only copy of Soledad Brother and Souls on Ice. In a letter, he wrote, “sometimes you have to cut off the thumb to save the rest of the hand.” I was 15 at the time, and those words were extraordinary. Through life, I’ve applied what he told me. My hand is still in tact.

2015 has been an amazing year for growth, path walking, and so much more. I asked for only for more great energy and more friendships that are about more than clicking a button on Facebook, and while most of my friendships were f*cking outstanding, many resembled that ugly, plagued thumb.

Have you ever tried cutting off an appendage? Sh*t, it hurts. Ever heard of phantom limb? That’s real. But I did it. I no longer wanted to be around consistent negativity, so I stopped. I no longer wanted to know where rumors or truths about me were heard, and I no longer wanted to discuss things that weren’t conducive to anything positive in my life. I stopped. Thumbs get hurt and they ask questions and they don’t understand. I explained the why’s and left the thumbs on the table, bleeding on ice in case they ever wanted to come back to the hand.

It’s okay to not want to be around negative people. It’s okay to want only peace and good energy around you. It’s not okay to hate who you become when you’re in certain places with certain people. Cut off those thumbs and I swear life gets good. You’re not required to love, like, or tolerate anyone.

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