Dead to Me.

Holding a funeral for somebody I used to know. Not because she’s dead, but because she met a dude whose insecurities won’t allow her to talk to me at all. This has happened before with another friend, and I always wonder what one must be thinking to choose insecure, insane like-love over a friend.

There is nothing you can do to make an insecure person secure. Nothing.

Her boyfriend has:

  1. Gone through her social media accounts and blocked me without her knowledge.
  2. Created a fake Google Voice number and text her as though he was me to make her think I was crazy.
  3. Called my phone over and over from the same number, just breathing into the phone.
  4. Stalked my social media pages.
  5. Added my friends on social media, asking them questions about me and her.

She loves him, though. So she must be dead to me. Funerals are hard. I’ll miss my friend.