Open Letter To Nate Parker. Or Some Smart-Sounding Title.

Today, a former Black basketball or football player said white girls on college campuses can’t be raped by Black college athletes in popular sports. Another guy called you brother, though you feel he’s done a piss poor job at preserving Black men.

You raped that girl. You found her drunk. You undressed her. You let your roommate fill in the gaps. You blamed her. You lied.

She’s dead now, and the only two people (The third person only knows seconds of what probably seemed like an eternity to the woman) who can tell us what really happened don’t have clear definitions of rape. Hell, I don’t know what anymore. I believed I did once, but that’s since gone to shit. I do know I’ve never raped. You raped that girl.

And now she’s dead because an apology was too much to give when it was needed most. [Maybe].

Teach your daughters to set themselves on fire when men like you approach.

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