The Fraternity v. The Bond

The Fraternity is made up men with a common interest, creed, and spirit. They laugh together and remember the bright, sunny days. It ends here.

The Bond is made of brothers – Fraternity Brothers – who wept and bled together in dark places because the sun offered them nothing. They – the men who set their lives by the seconds on a watch and watched those lives tick away slowly – learned to navigate and fight in that darkness. The Bond is made of men who look for nothing in return for the fortunes they sacrificed except what was promised them by the many who came before who vowed to keep all histories and traditions alive. The Bond knows histories and traditions don’t die; they don’t get cheapened or thrown to the wind. It is everything or nothing at all and it manifests itself over and over and over, proving there is always something left to give. It doesn’t welcome lightly and each loss is hard. Men who shared a common interest, creed, and spirit walked into a room where other men – men who’d survived the severest strains, but did not break – made them unbreakable. That tradition moved forward like those seconds on that watch. The Bond does not celebrate infirmity or demerit, only true achievements.

This is in case you were wondering why I have not welcomed you into The Bond.

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