I am The Clever Bastard. The self-professed genius who visits the lives of others as tourists visit Amsterdam and Paris. Taking photos and leaving so much of myself behind. A well-read hanger-on. A true networker.

The last 20+ years of my life have been spent shaking hands and toasting with folks who complement me. One of my greatest mentors, Raymond Shipman, once said “I don’t want the luxury car if my brother can’t have one, too.” So I’ve been working on cars for everyone. A few months ago I was asked “what is it you do?” Instead of telling her how I make my money, I responded with “I smile, laugh, drink and every once in a while catch a flight to a place that hasn’t seen rain in ages.” That’s what I do.

I want to connect you to those who will help you do the same. I want to make you equally clever, and as tall as I have come to be. Let me connect you.

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